Friday, July 4, 2014

Islamophobia is NOT racism


   I want to kick someone in the teeth when they try to say islamophobia is racism. It's not douchebags!!! Islam is a feckin religion.. NOT a race. Arab is a race. And there are Arab atheists..Arab Christians and Arab Muslims. And islamophobia is justified. A large portion of Muslims murder people..rape women...throw acid in the faces of their own wives and daughters..behead people...and blow themselves up...all with their religion as justification.

     So what if a percentage of them do not do these things??!! Their books call for it and if they suddenly chose to follow their religion fundamentally(and we all know that things can happen in ones life that might influence them to follow their religion more fundamentally!)...they would have all the reason they needed to start a killin and a rapin. So as to say that it is not the person that islamophobics have a problem with...which is a main reason why it can't be considered racism. But it is the RELIGION...specifically the religious texts that call for such horrible acts.

    Lastly..Islam is NOT a religion of peace! Even if you take into consideration that it is MORE peaceful for the followers of Islamic laws...or the easier softer Muslims...the violent content is still part and parcel of the religion as a whole. The potential for violence will always be long as the reading material is still considered part of the religion. People have respect for a bomb...not because that particular bomb has proven to be dangerous. Not even because other bombs have been proven to be there are still duds. But because of the potential that a bomb has for destruction.

   So islamophobia is not about a race of people...for there are African Muslims..Asian Muslims and even white Muslims. It is not about the specific people in the religion. And it is not about the  different  or softer versions of Islam. Islamophobia is about the continual potential for horrendous acts of  violence written into all of the texts of the religion of Islam ...and repeatedly demonstrated BY deed and in writing ...with scriptural references appended . If you want people to stop being Islamophobic...get rid of the texts or at the very least...get rid of the violence in them .

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Religion Delusion


   Muslims around the world  these days are forcing themselves and their delusions into countries everywhere. They have forced their ideals...and their various and often murderous flavors of delusion (of which their are quite a few in Baskin Robbins 31 flavors) ... onto the rest of the world .. usually in a violent and despicable fashion. They call themselves a religion of peace ..but it quickly becomes clear that the only peace the functional majority of Muslims have or give ..fits in the blast radius of a bomb or on the edge of a blade.

   I read a lot these days about Muslims. Bad stuff. my time as an atheist..and an anti-theist I have also had to see the madness and violence ..historical actual..or every every delusion. Because..lets be honest..if they were not calling themselves a religion and were acting and talking the same way as they currently do..society would have them all safely behind doors of mental hospitals and walls of prisons.. the world over. And even when you are talking of the gentler delusions like Buddhism and Hinduism or even Jainism are STILL talking of delusions. And just like a delusion of faeries and pixy dust is harmless to a point..even that can be taken to violence.And often when the delusion is strong.. to threaten it's integrity is to inevitably create a scenario that leads to violence. That's just basic psychology to me... but i'm no expert.

     It's clear to me that ultimately all religions are doomed to kill others for their unbelief. It be a natural progression. So..when we only talk about and read about the violence of Muslims...we need also consider the history of violence in nearly all religions Don't ever forget about zionist pigs and their use of the bible bullshittle as justification for apartheid . And don't forget  that one violent religion or another can never truly be stopped until the world recognizes religion for what it is...a that leads to serious psychological issues and levels of immorality and hypocrisy that one would think..since history keeps showing it to be the case..can only lead to bloodshed.

   I know Muslims are a plague..don't get me wrong. But the very existence of any religion..(especially but not specifically.. the ones that actually have violence as a rule  written into there holy books)...only serves to validate the Muslims..and any other religion that warrants extremism fundamentally.  I'm sure religions at the beginning...when they were tribal myths...were likely a useful imbibement for  very skittish and small groups of humans who needed to explain things in a big and strange world. Perhaps..  it was a way of drawing them in and bonding them together as units for survival. But that was tens of thousands of years ago.

   Somewhere religion became a bad feckin idea for the world of humans. And it has been that way for a long time.  A mental virus that causes delusions to manifest in nearly every way. Delusions that do not differ much from those that  we invented straight jackets and Thorazine for. Those delusions are not something to be tolerated for the fragments of good they may or may not have but as a pandemic of mental illness that should .. that MUST be.. treated... the same as we do with any other delusion.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Troll Is A Troll Is A Troll

    I find internet trolls to be an interesting study. Mainly because I am not hesitant to block on Facebook and I diligently moderate comments on my blog.. thus i'm able to examine their behavior from a detached unemotional perspective. I find trolls to be rather predictable gnats. playground bullies not appear to be capable of conversation on any meaningful level. Which is why they seem only to comment or act ... in order to incite emotional responses and thereby give themselves some perceived sense of power and/or pleasure. I suspect these types lack personal power or control in any other aspect of their life. And they have no idea how to deal with folks like me that just erase them. They feed on the meek and the timid....just like bullies.

  I feel that...for some... I might  need to specify the particular definition of a troll that I am addressing here. Too many people use the word "troll" frivolously..which leads to a watering down of the meaning. So I will give you the one that is used by psychologists to describe a specific type of psychotic behavior.  Researchers defined online trolling as “the practice of behaving in a deceptive, destructive, or disruptive manner in a social setting on the Internet for no purpose other than their pleasure. -Perhaps most worryingly, the psychologists based their conclusion on cyber-trolling being an “Internet manifestation of everyday sadism,” rather than merely on online phenomenon." from The Independent.

   I want to emphasize the  "FOR NO OTHER PURPOSE" part. Because many of us go about the internet attempting to squash bad and/or inaccurate information before it becomes a viral infection..before we become a full blown idiocracy. And we are often labeled as trolls by the folks spreading this false and/or inaccurate information. Many of us are atheist and anti-theist and we too are called trolls for the same purpose. I assure you...we don't get pleasure by upsetting folks..AT ALL... unless the end result is their awareness and correction of said bad information. It is WORK people!! It is not fun or pleasurable.

  I admit..sometimes I resort to mockery. But.. once again..this is not to gain more than kicking someone out of the way that is standing in the path of a fast moving boulder is. I find that when I have been called out and embarrassed for something I once "believed" I am compelled to reexamine those beliefs. So this is why I might mock someone or joke about their beliefs. Usually when they are resistant to confrontation with logic reason and/or actual facts.

   They make multiple fake profiles so that when someone blocks them they can come at them with the same crap...I often wonder if they are not 12 yr old kids playing prank. So..know the difference. Know what they are and what is driving them..and treat them.. not as an "internet thing" ..but exactly as you would if you met them in real life..and you WOULD recognize them easily. Treat them like the unruly children their behavior resembles...send them to their room..hehehe! They won't just go just have to shut them down.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Divide and Rule


        The tenets of Christianity...well..the real purpose of xtianity that I to maintain a constant level of cognitive dissonance mixed with fear(of hell)and hyper-vigilance(watching the next man or escape hell) Effectively making people obedient and powerless of self will. And likewise repeating stories to the masses ..about giving everything away to follow something fantastical that they've no evidence for. And  otherwise beheading or torturing into submission any that resist or descend ...but not necessarily in that order. Tell give everything away ..follow a fiction. Give your dough unto Caesar...turn the other cheek...don't judge... or YOU will be judged... and they (the church) have more money than you and you will lose. Otherwise...stretch your back out  on the rack and take your lickings like a good slave.

    From what I can gather....christianity could have just as easily been a covert roman campaign of dividing the empire and expanding it. Giving the impression to it's angry and fearful citizens and slaves ...that the empire fell. The empire ..meanwhile.. quietly gained control...or actually created the holy roman church out of the ashes of its predecessor Rome. This church you will know if you are honest with yourself....continued on much in the same way and with basically the same mode d'emploi  and modus operandi  as it's predecessor.

   The name as well... evolved from Rome..becoming the The State Church of Rome  and at some point mutating .. for a time... into the  Holy Roman Empire under Charlemagne... though it is debatable whether it had anything to do with the roman empire other than in spirit. Eventually we had the Roman Catholic Church..which then splintered into the myriad versions of the crappy excuse for a fairy tale we see today. Such is the nature of myth. It has laid it's seed on just about every known piece of land in the world. And either out in the open or in secret boardrooms high up..has had a piece of it all..probably still does. And make no mistake about it is the father of all christian churches...without which they would likely never have come into existence.

   So when you look at all the different factions or mutations of christianity...when you see the same division manifest in a 'christian by law' populous of politicos...the left wing and the right wing...the red and the blue..conservative and liberal..home team ..away and them. When you begin to feel that you have been mucking around in quick sand to absolutely no avail......

   .....Think of  Rome..think divide and conquer ..divide and rule.

  Countries by number of Catholics in 2010.[1]
  More than 100 million
  More than 50 million
  More than 20 million
  More than 10 million
  More than 5 million
  More than 1 million


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Evil Bible



    The "grain of truth" that is in the bible.. is just the "truth" its writers picked up from the existing world... (meaning ; within a hundred miles in any direction from the writer)... and previous books from other parts of the world and different times in history. A lot of it is actually more akin to eastern philosophy...the rest is murder molestation and mayhem...contradiction and duplicity...bullshit. The fact that anyone believes it is useful as a history book is laughable to the extreme. If it is useful as a history book...the story of superman is more believable...and it comes with colorful pictures and inciteful .. easily understood narratives.

   You can study the bible for hours...and pull your hair out trying to maintain any one line of reasoning in the   pages or even just one page..that you have studied. Reading the genealogy in the bible is very similar in feeling to being neck deep in quicksand. You are trying so hard to get out of get to the end...that you just sink deeper into it and to keep up with it is boring enough to knock out a mule. And thus the mentally lazy that fill the pews in churches..just ASSUME that its in order and correct and move on. But it's not. I leave it to the reader to figure out how.

    For me it's enough to say that I know the genealogies in the bible are inconsistent...inaccurate confusing and contradictory. There just is no reason to study them further. Just like no matter how many times you write down 2+2 ='s still just going to be WRONG. The bible is NOT  a source of history. Not a lineage. Not a justification to form a country based on if because a confusing inaccurate and immoral  book written by bronze age sheep herders said it was must be true. (I guess I'm just letting this blog take on a life of its own and I will name it when I figure out what it's about..hehehe)

   Yes...I am speaking of Israel. Let's get one thing straight though ; What they are doing to the Palestinians is still not comparable to what the Spanish did to the south american indigenous peoples ..and with the lawd gawd himself's permit.. no less. Nor is it comparable to what the pilgrims and subsequent settlers did to the native north american tribes or to the slaves from Africa...  with the same basic justification. I really could go on for a while listing atrocities committed by one psychopathic government or another. But I digress. Just suffice it to say that they are really just behaving  like every other psychopathic government throughout history.

  Which brings me to a point I made in a previous blog. That nearly every psychopathic leader in history has used religious texts (specifically abrahamic texts)  as a justification for taking slaves...murdering people for unbelief...indoctrination by force..robbing them of their land and lastly and most enduring...discriminating against them. (Which becomes it's own justification.) But the justification could never have been had.. had the books not contained within them ample examples of one god  or another commanding this type of behavior. So no matter what one says about "some good stuff" being in the is ripe enough with contradiction and immorality to be used to justify tyranny and genocide...throughout history and worldwide. It should not be considered to be anything but horrible .. dangerously false and immoral literature.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Religious Oppression Or Is It Roman Progression?

With permission of Jordan Zevon

    I think that the Native African Americans.and pretty much all those in south american and Spanish speaking countries... or the vast majority of them..suffer from forms of Stockholm Syndrome. If you don't recall..SS is when the ..shall we say..oppressed ..end up identifying with their captors. It is when the oppressed feel empathy... sympathy and otherwise positive feelings towards their oppressors. I came to this belief (even before I knew to call it Stockholm Syndrome) ...because after what was done to them by people of so-called 'strong christian faith'.. it seems to me...that faith in their oppressors god would be the last thing either race would retain. And yet..the vast majority are more enthusiastic and devout than many white christians. All of this...when they should be angry beyond all comprehension. They should be a plague on the church.

  But let's take this a step further...or a few steps. If one examines the history of the church and its ever present agenda..all the way back to Constantine ..give or take a few decades begins to be come clear that the church has grown so vast on the very same principles and/or methods that was used to  indoctrinate the slaves and Native Americans. It becomes as obvious as the tip of ones nose that the church has always used these tactics.

   If you go back even further...before the church really find the VERY same tactics employed by the Roman Empire as it took over the known world. A pattern unveils itself. The famous  historical and  systematic indoctrination of the known world (at the time) by the Roman Empire ..which is where the adage "When in Rome do as the Romans do"came from. And the..relatively... quiet(from a historical perspective) decline of the Roman Empire followed by the subsequent slow rise of the Holy Roman Empire ..also known as the Roman Church.. and later the Roman Catholic Church. The church..which in the virus it mimics..spread over the world like a sickness..killing those it would and infecting the rest with this mind virus.

  This should make everyone in the world puke at the thought of going to church...ANY church. Because since their inception..religions have been a tool of the rule over the conquered thereby making them conform..willingly. Religion...and any form of religious ideology ... has always been involved in one way or EVERY government...and as an insidious tool...used by psychopaths to lure the cattle along quietly to the milking. And we are milked..make no mistake about it.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

So You Are "Spiritual But Not Religious" Huh?

With permission of Jordan Zevon

 The fact that the nature of the word "spiritual"...and the idea it conveys is based on fiction and the existence of an un-provable entity .."the spirit"...makes it as delusional a word as any coined by religion and equally as dangerous or detrimental to the evolution of the species. As for agnostics being allies of atheist or somehow comparable ..that might work for soft and/or weak atheists..but im a hard line anti-theist..and I think religion..AND spirituality are dangerous to the species. And evidence has shown that to be an accurate assessment. And I think agnostics are "spiritual but not religious"... as they like to call themselves. They are not allies of the atheist. They just don't have the confidence enough to stand up and be counted. They would rather just stay neutral and  say  "um..I just don't know"

   Saying that you are me like  saying that you realized the absurdity or maybe the harshness of religion...but were still too chicken sh!t to admit that ..when you die...that's over. Too fearful of the unknown to  admit that all your deceased loved ones are GONE..and that you have only this one precious chance to live and appreciate your life. So you say things like..."i'm spiritual...not religious...I believe that god is "love" and we are all connected!", me. is just another way of indicating that you are still too scared of the unknown and  want to or more appropriately .. NEED to... fill it in with the delusion of your choice. Because  you have no desire to examine evidence or the lack thereof and rule out the bullshit.

   So finally...can we one day be done with trying to substitute one delusion with another?? It's like some dipsh!ts going to alcoholics anonymous and saying, "I'm sober!"... while drinking three pots of feckin coffee and smoking two packs of cigarettes in perpetual meetings and whining incessantly about the woes of their life. Like they really believe they have made an improvement...simply because they are doing something more socially acceptable(read: a bunch of people are doing it). It is really simple for me.Claiming to be spiritual in the absence of any evidence whatsoever for the existence of a spirit..  yet claiming "We are all connected" and "god is love"... is no different than believing in faeries.. elves .. talking snakes ..immaculate conceptions ...or women made from ribs and men made from mud. Just stop it. Be honest with yourself first!