Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gods Spirits & Ghosts ..OH MY!

                                                                   With the permission of Jordan Zevon 


   In ninety thousand or more years of human evolution..not one shred of evidence for ANY god or spirit or ghost has EVER been produced. And not for lack of trying. Practically EVERYONE... for thousands of years ..has wanted actual evidence in this god or that god that they believed in! I am not talking about the neurological tricks our brains can play when we want to ..or think we need to... look elsewhere for help. I am speaking about real evidence in..the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid. Not one tiny bit of evidence to be had. But plenty of purely subjective self-induced neurological experiences..all of which can be explained scientifically and subsequently have no supernatural origins.

   And ..there.. is exactly where every theological or spiritual discussion should be forever ended. Where anyone's argument attempting to prove the validity of their belief in the supernatural  begins to break down. When all that they are left with is fallacies. This pretty much applies to ANY subject where there is an absence of any supporting voodoo and woo woo and other sorts of psuedoscientific poo poo. Those trying to argue in favor of that subject are left with nothing but fallacies. Their arguments break down completely into name calling(ad hominum) ...circular argument...appeals to ignorance... and so on so forth.

   If we...if...everyone in the world... were trained in scientific literacy...scientific method... at a very young age ...the world would be a completely different place. Everything (and im just supposing) would function smoothly. People would never go hungry or be homeless. And no one would waste one second of time trying to argue from a position of unfalsifiability ever again.

   Consider this; ghosts ...spirits... and gods... are all imagined to exist without body or brain. Think about that. The body takes in nutrients to feed the brain. The brain interprets what the body picks up from its environment...via touch taste smell etc. The brain and the body are fairly complex systems..but especially the brain. Now..ask yourself. What would be the point of having these complex systems...if gods.. spirits and ghosts were capable of doing all of this? If a spirit could carry everything that is somewhere else...why feckin have a body to begin with!!!???

 So I leave you with I end every discussion on spirit or god before it ever really begins. Show me evidence for a spirit ..ghost ..or god...or please...STFU...end of discussion.

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