Monday, June 9, 2014

Homeopathy - 99.9 % NOTHING + Water In A Jar

With permission of Jordan Zevon

"A small crack appears
In my diplomacy-dike.
"By definition", I begin
"Alternative Medicine", I continue
"Has either not been proved to work,
Or been proved not to work.
You know what they call alternative medicine
That’s been proved to work?
— Tim Minchin

The title pretty much sums it up. But I need to make a distinction here. So many get these two words confused. There is a difference between homeopathic and holistic. Holistic simply means...considering all the parts of a whole. So as to say...if a person has acid reflux..a holistic approach might take into consideration the liver..the stomach...the intestines..the etc etc...all with regard to how it contributes to the acid reflux. So basically a much more thorough process of diagnosis and treatment than say just specializing in gastrointestinal issues.

   Homeopathic crap salesmen  on the other hand..and in my opinion...are far worse than  simple snake oil salesmen. At least a snake oil salesman will put nasty powerful tasting crap in a jar so as to at least give the illusion that it is doing something. It might even make one puke or sweat profusely. But a homeopathic substance is ..for all intents and purposes..water. In fact...the water itself may have more pollutants in it than anything the conman may have .001% of something or the other.

   But these bottles of water are purveyed by some really sly effective sociopathic(one would almost have to be) long as the mark is a gullible fool. All one needs to do to sell homeopathic remedies is to put water in jars..and write labels on them. At best..they make a living off of selling placebo's. But what blows my mind the most is that they sell this crap in places that sell actual vitamins and pharmacies and vitamin shoppes. And I cannot for the life of me figure how they have gotten away with it this long without being held criminally responsible.

   My own grandmother spent thousands on this crap. Or I should be more grandfather spent the grandmother was the fool. Of course there were many other..I should hope to cover on other rolfing...acupuncture just to start with. She had psychological issues..hypochondria. And some medical doctors are guilty too. They will send these types of people to all sorts of  expensive specialists.. and for all sorts of expensive and useless tests..because the idiots WANT to feed their delusion. Much in the same way a religious person WANTS to go to evangelist "healers"... to feed their delusion. So I suppose I'v answered my own question....for without a demand there would be no  economically feasible reason to have a supply. And if I could create a demand for edible feces then I suppose they would be selling jars of shite in Walgreens next.


  1. l agree somewhat with what you are saying ... that being said, l make my own "snake oils" if you will, with herbs l grow or from the various plants and flowers native to my area, with great results ... l am not one to go to the doctor for anything at all really havent been in a couple decades the last time was for a horrible case of poison ivy for which l received steroids, thats a great med ... not ... and since then have found a few plants and of course oatmeal baths, for which l also have "recipes" for, to help with the itch ... with as good if not better results than with prescription meds, without the side effects, and its free ... l make a wide range of cough syrups, local honey works wonders for seasonal allergies ... this is just a small amount of the things l concoct to alleviate some of the things one may otherwise go to the doctor for ... l agree the crap they sell in the stores are just that ... crap ... but as with anything you have to be careful with the plants you may be using as alot of them can poison you or have an adverse affect so having a working knowledge of them is a plus ...

  2. herbs are where medicine comes from Crystal...its not really snake oil until you begin making false claims as to what it will do. Now..if you said one of your concoctions would cure herpes..or aids or cancer...THEN you would be selling snake oil.
    snake oil- a substance with no real medicinal value sold as a remedy for all diseases. Crystal...""Alternative Medicine", I continue
    "Has either not been proved to work,
    Or been proved not to work.
    Do you know what they call "alternative medicine"
    That's been proved to work?
    Medicine." Tim Minchen

  3. Aleister, l was making an attempt at a joke re:snake oils ... and, yes, l do know the meds out there are made from herbs, but also they are made with a lot of other "unnatural" things ... l only know my personal experience from the things l have tried that they have worked, for me at least. My only vice is aspirin as far as otc meds go :) l only know from my experiences, becoming a vegetarian and staying away from health care professionals, l feel and look better than l ever have in my life ... l am 52 feel like l did when l was 25 and can run circles around people more than half my age and l attribute that to the lifestyle changes l have adopted(and a divorce lmao) ... l only wish that these things were a cure cause l would jump on that snake oil wagon and make a mint hehehe ... but your point is taken and l get it(l have a hard time articulating sometimes plus its late should be in bed but l enjoy reading you) l, like you, am just trying to make a point that people need to quit being asshats and thinking that there is some "miracle fix" out there to fix everything ... losing weight, hell l lost over 150 with no pills or surgery, sadly l cant fix ugly because l cant afford the surgery lol ... but one can get back to nature with a little research and alleviate some of those annoying health issues, but certainly not cure them by any means ... and l would also like to hope that we each know our own bodies well enough to know when something is terribly amiss and seek the attention of a healthcare professional ... at least l would hope so ...

  4. Crystal...I have thought just like you at one time..and I had the same stories to back up my beliefs....but rest assured...there will come a will have to use a doctor...and you will have to use the pharmaceutical industry...whether you want to now or not...and you will find yourself feeling a bit foolish...the medical profession is not out to get you...don't be a science denier..its just a bad as the religious or nutbag conspiracy theorists...just sayin :-)

  5. Not a science denier far from it its the doctors l do not trust, my brother in law is a doctor and alot of the meds that are prescribed are at the urging of the pharm companies with fancy dinners for doctors(l have cooked for these) to push the latest and greatest meds and they do receive kickbacks for prescribing them ... and as l said in my last post when l feel something is amiss l will go to a doctor ... but currently l feel great and as long as l feel great no reason to go see one ... and my grandmother never went she was 95 when she passed the cause?? old age ... grandfather 87 same old age ... my dad a heart attack under the care of doctors for hip replacement died 2 weeks after said surgery ... they were so busy looking at that they overlooked his heart condition...

  6. If it were not for wife and sons would be dead...if you deny all are a science denier...plain and are probably an anti-vaccer as well aren't you? Doctors are human cannot expect them to be perfect...and why gives a crap if they get paid? Can YOU do what they do? Could you keep my wife and sons alive with hashimoto's thyroiditis? Could you remove cancer? Create vaccines? When you tell people to not go to are..forgive idiot. Anti-vaccers tell people not to get vaccines...and now folks are dying because herd immunity is suffering...anti-medicine IS anti-science...and it is dangerous...if you call yourself better see it for what it I say... STFU