Saturday, June 7, 2014

STFU About Your Kundalini Spirit Or Your Chi

With permission if Jordan Zevon



       Once again i found myself having a wasted discourse with a 'so called' atheist. This time it was regarding the spirit, chi, kundalini etc.. It ended badly, with her saying the conversation was over my head, and calling me a child. Merely because I require evidence for a spirit in order to even have the conversation. To which she responded with a lot of subjective opinion and confirmation bias..but not one shred of evidence.

   Friends, if you wish to call yourself an atheist, and you consider yourself logical and/or rational, then please STFU about irrational nonsense. Read about it. Think about it from a position of skepticism and a desire not to fall into the same type of delusional thinking that has given rise to religions for thousands of years. Shame on you! I mean, take some pride in the fact you have seen the irrationality of religion. And do not shame yourself by simply hopping over to another equally irrational delusion. Own your intellect.

   She and her friend kept mentioning the subjective experiences of friends and acquaintances  at the perceived  moments of their deaths, or the writings of scientists from  long before the 1800's, in lieu of evidence. I kept having to repeat, that when you die, your brain continues to have electrical activity for hours after death. Of course I later discovered upon fact checking myself, my numbers were a bit high. It's actually seven minutes after death. But that seven minutes can possibly seem like hours or days, as is the nature of the DMT experience.

     In that seven minutes, all that is going on in a so called "near death experience" can be explained. If it is the brain that translates experience, then it is impossible to have one outside of the brain. At the moment of death the brain is flooded with DMT which is a powerful, powerful hallucinogen.  So there is no such thing as near death experiences that can not be explained neurologically. And whats more, these were subjective experiences and not evidence.

   But, lets take a moment to discuss experiences with regards to the spirit shall we? Experiences require the soft matter of a brain with which to interpret them., not a spirit. In fact, it is pretty well understood that every experience  people attribute to a spirit occurs  in the brain, and could not occur otherwise. Or else, why have a brain to begin with? That being said, what in hell would be the point of having a spirit at all?

   Do emotions result from having a soul or merely from the laws of nature? There are diseases of the brain that erode personality. And there have been cases where brain damage has caused sudden changes in character. Both of these can only be possible if character is biological.  From the effects of  mind altering chemicals, such as  DMT.. LSD or  psilocybin, an observer might clearly establish that the sources of these feelings and experiences are biochemical in nature.

    Inherited mood disorders and developmental diseases clearly establish an understanding that personality is driven by biology. Depression,  niceness, aggression, love, judgement, considered behavior,  abstract thinking, memories, language construction, and comprehension, all have been proven to have biochemical causes ...not spiritual ones. So again, the question is. What exactly would a spirit or soul do?

  Electrical stimulation of the brain causes desire to occur instantaneously. Likewise, memories, as clear as the moment that they were recorded, can be instantly manifested through brain stimulation. Brain damage from head injuries has been shown to permanently erase whole sections, if not all memory, and even change personality at a core level. Modern science has proven that the idea of a soul or a spirit is misguided to say the least. Everything is biological.

   So, I said all that to say this, if you call yourself a rational person, and ramble on about the kundalini, the chi, the spirit, ghosts, heaven or blah blah should rethink that. You are just as fuckin deluded as the preacher on the pulpit ranting about talking snakes and rib women. Seriously! You should STFU!!!

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  1. Right on ... l have read articles and books on the subject of near death experiences. Funny thing is they have LED messages in some operating rooms so if someone dies and claims to have went out of there body and seen it being attended by medical personnel, then resuscitated, but not one person has gotten the message. That is more than enough proof for me. l did not realize brain function went on so much longer after death, very cool.


    1. Well..Crystal..I had to make a correction...its not hours or's 7 is that that 7 minutes can possibly SEEM like hours or days..the point that 7 minutes...all that is going on in a so called near death experience can be explained. The main point is...if it is the brain that translates experience...then it is impossible to have one outside of the brain

  2. That's all I have to say...bout thaaat!

  3. I often find myself hesitating just a little when xtians ask me, "what DO you believe in" I say the usual-- truth, facts, science. reality....but sometimes when I talk about the power and awe of nature and the cosmos they say "aha! so you do believe in something!" As if they have busted me. I think people misplace their awe of life and nature and want to put pretty little spirit/soul/god bows around it....why can't it just be awesome on its own? You don't need a spirit to have meaning right now today---while your brain is still plugged in.

    1. I like to say.. I believe in what the evidence shows me to be true. And I fully agree...having awe and amazement for what actually IS is much more fulfilling than having awe and amazement for a fiction...that's just the side-effects of delusion