Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Whiny Petty People Holding Hands

With permission from Jordan Zevon

    Someone got me real fired up just now...so lets see if I can turn this into a blog. I have had issue with this page "We F#cking Love Atheism" before.  I "unliked" their page because the person I was dealing with clearly established that they were petty and bitchy to an extreme I just won't tolerate. That was a while ago. But a meme of theirs came across my feed that I liked.  It was signed. So I saw no point in sharing it from the page. Then this person from the page ..I am presuming it was a person by the name of Kat...because it was very much like arguing with the same petty woman I knew from there originally. She called me intellectually dishonest or implied that my page was. It really fecking pissed me off. I am not intellectually dishonest. I give credit where credit is available ...and if a meme is signed...that is credit. Can anyone disagree with that?

  The point is...she proceeded to critique me in ways she had no damned right or request to do so. The fact that they sign their memes should have been enough...but obviously...it wasn't.  Anyhow...calling my page intellectually dishonest..was wrong...petty...and a bit intellectually dishonest in it's own right. She said ; Why don't I make my own memes then? Or is that too difficult? ... or something to that effect. I told her..you use quotes on your page. Why don't you use your own feckin quotes?? Obviously I don't give a crap what they do. I mentioned.. that memes fly about the internet freely..if you must have credit...you sign the damned thing..that is what I do. And if a meme is signed..I don't need to give further credit. If it is not..as you all can see..I mention where it came from on my blog...and only on my blog. On my facebook page...I don't even have to do that.

   It's not intellectually dishonest. Nor is it even lazy. I simply have better things to do than make memes all day long ..especially when the internet is filled with great ones that say what I need them to say. I am not sharing them to say "look what I can do!!" as "We F#cking Love Atheism" is obviously doing. I SHARE THEM TO SPREAD A COMMON MESSAGE for a common cause!! It is really simple. But it seems petty whiny people cannot get that simple point. Our purposes are obviously different. Some people wear their cause like a badge .."look what I can do!!" I do not..and I find it disgusting. There I said it and I feel better ! "We F#cking Love Atheism" can go f#ck themselves...hehehe...moving right along.

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